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We provide the most comprehensive and accurate source of soccer predictions and jackpots data on the market.

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Easily intergrate Soccer Jackpots Data with their predictions to your website, App or Blog with our reliable data API's.

We know that getting Soccer Jackpots data to intergrate into your products might be a hard task thats why we developed Soccer Jackpots Api to democratize access to this data and catalyse innovation around Soccer Jackpots based products.


We are currently covering almost 99% of Soccer Jackpots running in sub-sahara africa and plugging in more, Also please feel free to request intergration of any Soccer Jackpot provider that might be unavailable.


Our data is super accurate and 99.99% inline with the actual providers data, We provide also fixture statistics, multiple odds feeds, previous fixtures and H2H data.


Our data is highly available and fixtures are updated with maximum 15mins delay after the game starts which we are working on improving.


You can rely on our data feeds to properly serve your needs, We are using the same feeds in our applications being used by more than 4k users daily.

Our data use cases

Our data is provided using REST format so that it can be easily plugged in for your specific use case.

Sports tips and scores Applications

Existing Sports tips applications can easily intergrate to our API's and start showing Soccer Jackpot Tips to existing and new users and increase user retention.

Soccer Tips Websites and blogs

Webmasters can easily intergrate to our API's and start showing Soccer Jackpot Tips to existing and new users and increase user retention.

Simulated Soccer Jackpots Betting products

Our data can be leveraged to build actual and simulated Soccer Jackpot betting products.

Why Choose Us?

A few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

We are utilizing Google cloud to run our services and we guarantee that your product will scale and have 99.99% uptime.

We are aware that in systems bugs can sometimes be un-avoidable but don't worry our support team will always work with you to ensure ASAP resolution.

We have multiple packages so that you can choose the one that suites you for custom package and requirements please contact us through our email

“Soccer Jackpots Api data feeds have been very reliable, we intergrated the data into our App to provide the same to our users in a breeze.”

Paul Wright

Engineer, Livescores Group

“We used the fixtures predictions in our website and we instantly saw user retention improve as they are super accurate and data driven.”

Cory Zamora

CEO, App developer Inc

“The keywords for Soccer Jackpot predictions have greatly increased especially in sub-saharan africa due to the popularity of soccer jackpots in these region, we decided to add this insights to our websites and the results were positive in terms of traffic.”

Nikolas Brooten

Engineering Manager, MightyTips

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